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The behaviour they avoid, and how they make you feel

I’ve had my fair share of unsuccessful relationships.

Sometimes I was the one to blame. Sometimes they were. More often than not, it was a mixture of both — our unhealthy behaviour merged into one big disaster of miscommunication and feelings of resentment.

Sounds familiar?

Over the years, I’ve sorted through lots of information on relationships and psychological behaviour, and I analysed this in the context of my own experiences. …

They all offer valuable insight no matter when you pick them up

Here’s one thing I love about my local library app: It keeps offering me incredible e-books right when I need them.

In March 2021, there was a whole section of books on feminism and women’s issues to celebrate Women’s History Month, which gave me many reading options to choose from.

I ended up picking 4 contemporary books, all in completely different formats. They all deal with women’s issues brilliantly and offer valuable insight no matter when you pick them up.

Ready? Go!

I am an Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler

One failed best-friend YouTube channel later, here’s my take on how to pick a business partner

We thought we’d make it. We’d create an amazing YouTube channel together, we’d mix our personalities into a soup of greatness, we’d create content about the things we cared about.

We’d go big or go home.

One year and one destroyed friendship later, we went home — In completely opposite directions.

Grant you, the channel wasn’t what ended us. It was actually the other way around — our toxic friendship was the end of a one-year journey full of effort, hours spent editing videos and building a following. However, that doesn’t mean the channel itself worked. Because it didn’t. …

My main source of income will soon disappear — but the future is bright

The unfortunate thing about becoming successful at what you do is that you feel like you can lose it all any second.

The even more unfortunate thing is that sometimes, you do.

When I started earning more money from writing than in any part-time student job I’d ever had, I felt high on success — not only did it prove to me that writing can be an amazing source of income, but I also didn’t have to worry about money for the first time in my life. I was excited. Motivated. Free.

This was in December 2020. As I’m writing…

The only way this would be worse is if women turned into actual hens.

I’m writing this on an Easter Monday. Any second, a bunch of men can knock at my door and expect me to let them beat me with sticks. As a reward, I should give them eggs.

Sounds absurd?

While this tradition seems really weird to any foreigner, many Czech men absolutely love it. No surprise there — the Czech Republic is one of the most sexist countries in Europe, and so if anyone should beat women with sticks to celebrate Easter, it’d probably be Czech men.

The tradition is supposed to keep women fertile

Since ages ago (the exact date isn’t clear), men have been making what is…

A viral TikTok has a lot to teach us about internalised misogyny

Before I met my boyfriend, I couldn’t imagine dating a shorter man. I usually fell in love with tall men — if I wanted to kiss them, I had to stand on my toes.

And that’s what women usually seem to want, isn’t it? Every time I watch the UK reality TV show Love Island, the consensus is more than clear: desirable men are tall, dark and handsome.

This phenomenon kind of makes sense because men are on average taller than women. The average male in the USA is 1,77 meters tall, while the average female is 1,63. This means…

The reasons go way beyond flexible working hours

Many of us know what’s so great about being your own boss — you don’t have to rush to work at 8 AM, you get to work at midnight if that’s what you want and you don’t have to deal with annoying managers.

Sounds amazing.

Flexible working hours and the freedom related to them often seem to be at the core of why people want to break away from the usual office crowd and choose their own path. There’s more to it than meets the eye, though.

When I first thought about working for myself, I wasn’t sure what it…

These are some of the key essentials for a healthy friendship.

We all know relationships are hard. What nobody tells you, though, is how much heartache friendships can cause — especially if you rely on them while growing up. Especially if you make them your safe place, your steady boat in a storm, your unbreakable bond.

And especially when that bond breaks.

It’s been over half a year now since I last spoke to my best friend of 10 years, and while I don’t think either of us is ready to talk to each other again (we still have a long way to go before or if that ever happens), the…

“The One” promises perfection, no hard work and mind-blowing sex

The One landed on Netflix some time ago and it’s quickly turned up in my recommendations list because of its popularity. A TV show about a dating app that can find your perfect mate based on your DNA?

Obviously, everyone loves that.

One simple click separated me from the hype. And boy, did I click. The rest is history.

Your perfect match exists

The basic premise of the app is that you don’t have to stumble through life trying to look for perfect love anymore because it’s right there in front of you — and supported by science.

What’s more, it actually works. The…

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that buzz.

Saying I miss him doesn’t quite cut it.

When we said goodbye half a year ago, I knew it’d be hard to have a long-distance relationship — but as per usual, I wasn’t capable of imagining just how hard. Every time something hard awaits me, I prefer not to think about it too much.

My willingness to be ignorant enough to dumb the future pain might be the only reason why I could be called brave — there’s simply too little realism and too much idealism involved, which lets me jump into things without too much fear.

And then, somewhere…

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