Aaah, this is such an important article!! Honestly, we need to teach our kids that what they see in porn IS NOT REAL. Women have sex for enjoyment, not to be actresses for their partners.

I don't fake orgasms either (I've done it once in my life and it made me feel horrible, the only good thing is he didn't actually ask), I hate being insincere.

I also hate how men care SO much about if a woman comes - I know, I know, it's important that they care. Men who don't care about our pleasure are even worse. But the thing is, it's not only the man's technique or whatever that comes into play. It's also our own mindset, how much we focus, OUR OWN technique... don't take all the credit, man. My orgasm doesn't serve as your self-esteem boost.

Loved the article!

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