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I’m not allowed to teach it because it’s important to do the method right. I wasn’t trained to teach, and so there’s a chance that I might not be able to teach it correctly. I think that another reason might be that when you go to the camp and cut yourself away from the world, you have all ten days to learn the technique and really immerse yourself in it. It’s basically impossible to progress and get a grip of it if you do it for only a few days or hours and if you’re surrounded by distractions. It’s actually really difficult to focus your mind inward so much — I think it HAS to be so intense in order for you to learn it in only 10 days.

The camp is for free, they run it on the basis of donations that people give them voluntarily after finishing the course, so they don’t just forbid us to teach it to lure more people in for the money — I honestly think their intentions are good.

I think that meditating in a group was probably more intense because I was forced to really concentrate and go along with it — I couldn’t just stop and leave, I had to sit in the hall with other people multiple times a day and it was mandatory to go to the group meditations because the teacher was helping us progress and he kept giving us further instructions with each session. When you’re sitting there for an hour and there are 100 people around you meditating, I’d say it’s much easier to make yourself meditate as well. Then again, nobody sneezes or coughs when you’re just on your own. Both have different advantages.

I really recommend it! It was so challenging but I’m glad I did it.

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